Parenting can be filled with love and joy and exciting hope for the future— but lets make no mistake, parenting also comes with its fair share of challenges. Some questions that come up for many of the parents I work with are:


  • "What am I doing wrong?"

  • "Why won't my teen listen to me?"

  • "Does this make me or Am I a bad parent?"


As your parent coach I aim to take a different approach to parenting. I strive to create a meaningful alliance by assisting our parents with defining their own vision of parenting success. I help parents manage their own internal critics while building upon their unique strengths to parent in a way that feels authentic, compassionate, and effective. Some parent have sought support with:

  • Managing stress and anxiety about parenting

  • Strengthening communication with children and teens

  • Developing more effective methods of discipline

  • Strengthening parenting styles to achieve parenting consistency

  • Guiding children and teens through transitions (i.e., divorce, school adjustments, family blending and other life transitions)


Coaching Rates

Initial Consultation - FREE (20 Minutes)

Initial Appointment - $190 (50 Minutes)

Parent Coaching- $200 (50 minutes + 1 15 minute follow up call)

Parent Coaching- $225 (50 minutes + 2 15 minute or 1 30 minute follow up call)

Please note that all sessions are available via HIPPA compliant Telehealth platform and in-person. 

*During the COVID -19 pandemic, all sessions will be available via Telehealth only until it is safe to meet in person.*  

We are out of network for private and public health insurance companies. Though we are an out of network provider, we will happily provide you with invoices for out-of-network billing if your insurance plan provides out-of-network mental health benefits, and you'd like to use them. Many times insurance will reimburse all or a portion of the fees for out of network providers. Check with your insurance representative and they can help you out with it.

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