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For better or for worse, our families play an important role in what we value, how we learn our habits, our customs, and rituals. Our families also serve as a foundation for how we interact with ourselves and  with others. If we are fortunate enough to grow up in a healthy family we likely learn how to maintain healthy relationships with others. However, if we're born into a family with unhealthy relationship patterns or a family that struggles to connect, we too, may struggle to connect with ourselves and with others.


While it can certainly feel unlucky to be born into the second kind of family, it doesn't have to be  an unchangeable situation. Nearly all families deal with some sort of dysfunction at one time or another, yet most families retain or regain a sense of wholeness and happiness. Family therapy offers families a way to do this—a way to develop and/or or maintain a healthy, functional family.

Initial Consultation - FREE (20 Minutes)

Intake (Initial Appointment) - $250 (90 Minutes)

Family Appointments- $225 (50 minutes)

Please note that all sessions are available via HIPPA compliant Telehealth platform.

We accept Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Princeton University Student Health Plan, we are out-of-network for all other private and public health insurance companies.


Though we are an out-of-network provider for many other insurances, we will happily provide you with a superbill to increase your chances of reimbursement for out-of-network billing.


Many times insurance will reimburse all or a portion of the fees for out of network providers. Check with your insurance representative and they can help you figure out your mental health out-of-network benefits.

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